We are dedicated to stopping over reach by the federal government, but also our local government. Power families like the Wolff's, Castro's, and Gonzalez's cannot continue to run the great city of San Antonio and the great County of Bexar into the ground. We need fresh faces, new ideas, and a serious shift in power if we are ever going to move Bexar County into the future. This starts at the bottom of the ticket and goes all the way up. 

About Turn Bexar Red

"Clark says while Progress Texas is working to turn rural Texas blue, and good luck with that, he'll be working to turn urban Texas red."

-WOAI Article 12/5/13

  • Spending
  • National Security
  • Economy and Jobs
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Equal Opportunity not Equal Outcome
  • Smaller Government

because common sense should be common


"One example of local Democratic 'overreach' that Clark says will convince traditional Democrats to consider voting Republican is the push by Democratic officials like Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff and VIA Metro Transit Chairman Henry Munoz... to ram an expensive, over budget and unpopular downtown streetcar down the throats of Bexar County residents."

-WOAI Article 12/5/13 

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